Little Gunfight Counter-Terror Apk Mod v 2.3 (Endless Gold)

little gunfight counter-terror apk mod

Little Gunfight Counter-Terror Apk Mod v 2.3 (Endless Gold)

New counter-strike gun game well arrived with so cute character!!!fresh and distinctive painting style with a galaxy of weapons like pistol,assault gun,shotgun,machine-gun,scope rifle,bazooka ect make this game fulfill beautiful scene along with thrilling.

Totally innovative shooting game
Consist of 16 levels with different special scenes,10 kinds of character and easy-to-use interface to set off for a new adventure.
Great support of bluetooth multi-play achieved enjoying this fun with your friends.
Online multi-play mode can upload your scores and you can battle with top-ranking stars all over the world!
More than 30 kinds of weapons match with realistic sound effect push your hot blood boiling.
Realistic physics effects, recoil, Bleeding, explosions, machine gun fire, acceleration of gravity,Some weather effects such as snow,All these elements to create a real gunfight scene.
Download for free with small installation package can save your valuable data usage.
App2SD support
FREE to download!! No locked function!!!
If you like this game, please give a five-star rating,thank you!

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Little Gunfight Counter-Terror Apk Mod v 2.3 (Endless Gold) Single Click Download

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