Highway Traffic Rider Mod Apk v 1.6.4 (Mod Money)

highway traffic rider mod apk

Highway Traffic Rider Mod Apk v 1.6.4 (Mod Money)

Highway Traffic Rider is a fast paced superbike racing game with high-speed adrenaline-fueled driving you’ve never experienced before!
Ever wanted to feel how to rush on a highway with a fast motorcycle? In Highway Traffic Rider you can safely enjoy the feeling!

– 12 different motorbikes with realistic 3D cockpit view.
– First person motorbike driving experience.
– Realistic motorbike handling.

– Incredible 3D graphics even on low-end devices.
– Weather simulation.
– 15 different environments to ride in every time you play
– Heart-thumping music and outstanding audio experience.

– Ride on the highway in rush hour traffic in One-Way Mode.
– Race in oncoming traffic in Two-Way Mode.
– Run from the police in the epic Police Chase Mode.

– Overtake traffic vehicles
– Tilt or touch to steer
– Perform wheelies for maximum reward
– Tap brake to slow down

– The faster you drive the more rewards you get
– Performing wheelie gives you higher scores
– Overtaking cars closely increases your combo and gives extra scores
– Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extra scores
– The amount of cash earned depends on score, highest combo and overall wheelie time

More Details, Price, Screenshots on Google Play Store – Google Play Store

Highway Traffic Rider Mod Apk v 1.6.4 (Mod Money) Single Click Download

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